MMIS Management Consultants provide professional training courses that focus on positive management change by moving organizations with traditional management perspectives into new responsive directions. MMIS executes a variety of training activities necessary for the enhancement of human resources capabilities and the optimization of all available resources in the organization leading to greater effectiveness and efficiency, and consequently achieving the aspirations of the private and public sector at large.

One of the unique services provided by MMIS in the field of training is our assessment of employees training needs, setting training objectives and then developing and conducting the appropriate training program to meet the needs of the organization.

We apply the most advanced training methods and latest training materials and techniques to facilitate the transfer of high level knowledge.  Training methods include lectures, reading lists, video tapes, case studies analysis, role playing, etc.

Evaluation of the training effort is conducted by MMIS training professionals. It includes participants' reaction to the training courses to determine the effectiveness of the course; the assessment of actual learning to determine the extent of behavioral changes and the measurement of actual results on the job.

MMIS provides clients with management and technical training in the following two forms:

I. Central Training

Annual training plans are developed to cover different areas of our clients training needs.  Click here to download a list of our annual training courses.

II. Contractual Training

These are training courses / workshops that are designed and tailored according to the specific needs and requests of our clients. Contractual training has been conducted in several areas for various organizations and companies both locally and regionally.


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